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Consulting Services

  • Information Technologies
  • Enterprise Planning and Architecture
  • IT and Application Portfolio Management
  • Shared Services & Cloud Computing
  • Professional Education and Training

Enterprise Information Technology & Cyber Security Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • Network Engineering and Operations
  • Information Assurance and Cyber Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations
  • Computing Facilities & Asset Management
  • IT Engineering and Integration
  • Infrastructure Hosting, Data Processing, Management, and Archiving
  • Custom Infrastructure Engineering

Application and Web Services

  • Custom Applications Solutions
  • Web and Mobile Solutions
  • Section 508 Compliance As A Service
  • Application Performance Management Solutions

Business Services & Solutions

  • Digital Performance Monitoring
  • Program Management Office Support Services


  • Internet of Things Traceability as a Service Logistics Solution
  • Platform as a Service Integrated Business Solution
  • End Point Cyber Security Detection and Response Solution
  • Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring Solution
  • Enterprise Digital Experience Monitoring Solution
  • Literacy, Accessibility & Dyslexia Software Solution