• eTRANSERVICES believe that "our system (people, processes, and technologies) of doing business is the solution to our client's needs" as long as it produces the solution that is in the best interest of our clients every time.
  • eTRANSERVICES leaders are focused on finding and retaining clients.  Therefore, everything we do for our clients must produce a marketing result.
  • eTRANSERVICES work is a direct reflection of its leaders. Every employee is given a choice to understand the idea behind the work they will do in the company.

This idea and philosophy is broken down into three parts:

  • The client may not always be right.  However, whether he or she is or is not, it is our job to make them feel that they are right.
  • Everyone who works for eTRANSERVICES is expected to work towards their maximum potential at the task(s) they are accountable for. When the person finds it difficult to do that or is unwilling, they will be invited to leave. 
  • Our business is a place where everything we know how to do is tested by what we don’t know.  The conflict between the two creates growth and meaning for our employees lives.  This conflict provides better value, efficiencies and quality of service for our clients.