eTRANSERVICES focus is on "sustained" Enterprise Transformation regardless of the size of the enterprise

  • eTRANSERVICES provides a consistent value to our clients through the processes that we use to deliver our services.  The key to our success is the adoption of industry best practices within our unique methodology that will guarantee the successful delivery of services. eTRANSERVICES' unique methodology enabling us to align technologies to improve quality, foster agility and cost-efficiencies that enable our client's success.

Business Process Model

  • eTRANSERVICES optimize the end-to-end business process, functions, and supply chain.  eTRANSERVICES business processes and technologies are synchronized with delivery schedules.  eTRANSERVICES Architect, Execute, and Innovate in order to continuously improve our service delivery model.  eTRANSERVICES employees are empowered to make onsite decisions that are in the best interest of our clients. 

Service Delivery Methodology

  • eTRANSERVICES integrated Program Management Office (iPMO) is franchised for all of our projects.  This methodology is based on an "expert system" that is cognizant of our clients and what creates value from the client's perspective.
  • eTRANSERVICES focus on integrated Task Management Processes (iTMP) to reduce costs while controlling risks, integration and customization issues. Clients are provided with the most competitive pricing and terms for services by continuously identifying cost-saving opportunities associated with each work package.
  • eTRANSERVICES Strategy and IT Alignment Service leverages the principles of Enterprise Planning & Architectures to determine performance strengths and weaknesses as demanded by our client's overall Vision and Strategic Objectives.  Including benchmarking and comparison with the industry standards to highlight areas of improvements as tasks are analyzed and delivery strategies are formulated.  Key business and IT performance indicators are measured and analyzed for any variation from the customer's requirements.  This allows for evaluating possible strategies and corrective actions required to meet the business objectives every time. eTRANSERVICES focus on the delivery of discrete work packages measured to guarantee our successful service delivery.

eTRANSERVICES diffentiation is our end-to-end solution that is focused on providing sustainable and repeatable enterprise transformational services based on defined processes that meet the needs of our clients.