eTRANSERVICES is able to access most contract vehicles available to support any of our clients or potential client's.  We are able to do this by using our own contracting vehicles along with those of our strategic partners. Our 8(a) participant status enables us to obtain sole source or directed awards without competition.

SBA 8(a) 

There are three primary ways an 8(a) firms like eTRANSERVICES can obtain business as an 8(a) certified firm.

      1.  eTRANSERVICES contacts agencies directly and works towards the goal of obtaining sole source or set-aside contracts.

      2.  eTRANSERVICES uses its GSA Schedule as the means for the agency to buy our goods and sell our services.

      3. eTRANSERVICES gets placed on an IDIQ contract or GWAC and placed in a small group of vendors that are sought out by an agency that have more or less agreed to use that contracting vehicle for a portion of its procurement. 

Federal Contracting Vehicles

Navy Seaporte - SB Prime Contractor

FAA eFAST - SB Prime Contractor

GSA IT Schedule 70 IDIQ MAS - Prime Contractor*

Other Transaction Agreement

CIO SP3 - Partner

VA T4 - Partner 

VETS GWAC - Partner

*NOTE: No competition needed because the labor rates have already been negotiated and agreed to by the Government; therefore, Agencies may buy labor hours directly from eTRANSERVICES.  CLICK to: Ordering Procedures for Supplies and Services Not Requiring a Statement of Work (SOW) 

State Contracting Vehicles

Virginia IT Contigent Labor MSP