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Consulting Services

Our Professional Consulting Services assist our clients to improve their business performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business challenges and the development of plans for improvement. Specific areas of focus includes IT Management & Consulting Services; Enterprise Architecture & Portfolio Management Support Services; Strategic IT and Cloud Planning Services; and Professional & Developmental Education Services

Application & Web Services

Our Application & Web Services assist our clients in the planning, development, operating and maintenance of applications and web services throughout the software development lifecycle.  Our consultants provide expert knowledge and skills to generate creative ideas and solutions that can help organizations launch applications, mobile solutions and enable web applications to be accessible on various platforms.  Our services include Custom Application Development; Mobile Application Development; Application Transformation and Migration; and Website Development. 

Enterprise IT & Cyber Security Services

Our Enterprise IT Professional Services assist our clients to leverage information technologies to meet their business goals and objectives. In addition to serving as trusted advisors, eTRANSERVICES will support our clients by providing Cloud Computing Services and Management Services; Messaging, Directory Services, and Collaboration Services; Network & Systems Engineering and Operations Services; Information Assurance and Cyber Security Services; Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Services; and Computing Facilities Management Services.

Our engineering and integration services enable our clients to integrate commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions, custom hardware & software, and legacy systems in order to ensure the federation of information necessary to successfully accomplish their mission and objectives. Our services includes IT Engineering and integration Services; Infrastructure hosting, Data processing, Management, and Archiving; and Custom Infrastructure Engineering. 

Business Services & Solutions

Our Business Services assist our clients with day-to-day management of program activities to ensure deadlines are being met and goals are being achieved. We work closely with our clients to develop and execute efficient and cost effective management plans that realize efficiency and savings for their enterprise.  Our services includes (1) Acquisition and Contract Management Support; (2) Asset Management Support; (3) Continuity Management Support; (4) Financial Management Support; (5) Program Management Support and Tools.

Our solutions and produts enable our clients to improve business performance by modernizing operations and deliver higher levels of performance.  We provide tools that are unmatched in the capabilities and value.