eTRANSERVICES Application & Web Services solutions includes Custom Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Application Transformation and Migration, and Website Development.  eTRANSERVICES know and understand that business critical applications have a direct impact on our client's bottom line; therefore, developing cost efficient applications that are easy to maintain significantly lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our clients.    eTRANSERVICES develops web-based infrastructures, collaboration portals, and social media eco-systems to provide access to mission critical information and data.

All of our application development services follow the same methodology and is supported by our iPMO and iTMP.  This methodology includes the following steps:  Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.  In order to achieve faster Return on Investment (ROI) and much lower maintenance costs, eTRANSERVICES methodology includes the following best practices:

  • Requirements Management:  eTRANSERVICES believe one of the primary reasons software projects fail or underperform is because of misunderstood requirements or gold plating of requirements. eTRANSERVICES have created a methodology where program requirements are not only discussed and captured upfront but a User Interface (UI) Prototype is developed at the start of application development which takes away a lot of surprises at delivery time. 
  • Agile Development:  eTRANSERVICES knows that today’s dynamic world business demands and feature requests are ever changing so we use agile based development methodology, wherein the release happens every 2-4 weeks and followed up with a demo to stakeholders of the application. This reduces uncertainty and keeps everybody aware of the evolving applications.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing:  eTRANSERVICES gives high importance to test planning and testing of applications and systems.  eTRANSERVICES typically have dedicated testing team members working on the application or system to ensure quality, performance and compliance to specifications. eTRANSERVICES have a comprehensive QA & testing capability with expertise in behavioral, compatibility, performance and automation testing. 
  • Full Visibility and Transparency:  eTRANSERVICES has implemented agile development principles combined with PMI processes to track project progress and keep all stakeholders informed and updated.