Program Management Office Support Services
eTRANSERVICES Program Management Office Support Services enable agencies to meet their operational needs by supporting programs, projects, initiatives and other professional servies in the agency's portfolio.  These services include (1) Acquisition and Contract Management Support; (2) Asset Management Support; (3) Continuity Management Support; (4) Financial Management Support; (5) Program Management Support.
  • Acquisition and Contract Management Support - eTRANSERVICES provides acquisition subject matter experts (SME) to support agency programs. Our SMEs provides recommendations, support the implementation of improvements/efficiencies within the acquisition process. Our team review support agreement documentation to ensure proper technical and programmatic requirements are addressed.  We provide SME to the programs, projects, acquisition of services, and initiatives to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, to include tailoring of these requirements, as permitted.  eTRANSERVICES, at the direction of the Government, will attend Internal Program Reviews to support portfolio objectives.  We provide contract management support which includes, but is not limited to: track the funding of each contract assigned, upload files for each contract to the appropriate repositories, draft PWS updates with a drafted Independent Government Cost Estimate to the COR/ACOR for contract modifications, and provide support to the Government as required.
  • Logistics/Asset Management Support - eTRANSERVICES provide life-cycle sustainment involving early planning, development, implementation, and management of a comprehensive, affordable, effective performance driven logistics support strategy.  We support to assist in the control and management of the capital program asset life-cycle from procurement to retirement.  This includes applications, license agreements, IT systems and hardware, and IT support equipment.  We participate in developing long term program asset acquisition accountability supportability approaches that further Government acquisition strategy goals and objectives.  We provide asset inventory and asset tracking services that track the financial aspects of an asset, to include cost and depreciation, as well as contract management aspects, to include leases, maintenance agreements, service contracts and location.
  • Continuity Management Support - eTRANSERVICES performs business analysis to develop and implement standard methodologies and automated processes and to facilitate requirements for managing and monitoring activities surrounding identified core business operations.  We support the Government’s process to control design changes associated with designated systems, architectures and programs. The process will include, but not be limited to, receiving of test results and software/hardware configuration documentation of existing and new products.
  • Financial Management Support - eTRANSERVICES provide financial analytical services relating to financial execution, budget, financial and programmatic support to agencies. These support services will ensure that programs have consistent, viable, and expert financial support for program objective memorandum and budget submissions, subscriptions services support and implementation activities in support of the network infrastructure. We support the Government in all aspects of DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) processes. Our SMEs support all phases of the Budget planning and programming to include preparing Program Objective Memorandum (POM) inputs, Budget Exhibits, and supporting agency's POM/Budget Formulation and Agency-level POM/Budget submissions. Additionally, the we provide budget support to include but not limited to the following documents: White Papers, Concept Papers, Courses of Action (COA) Plans, Strategic Messages, Cost Estimates, Out-year Planning Documents, etc.
  • Program Management Support - eTRANSERVICES provide programmatic support and expertise in the areas of cost, schedule and performance related to any DISA program. This may include Information Technology, specifically, Information Assurance and information security to the organizations tasks, projects, and programs. This support shall include administrative meeting support and attendance at meetings, working groups, and reviews.  We provide expertise in the analysis, development and sustainment of a performance metric plan that will support the strategic goals and objectives of the organization; and improve program efficiencies and effectiveness to produce results that will strengthen the health of the program and improve reporting and budgeting requirements at the task, project, program and Agency-level. Our SMEs will draft and coordinate the development of program briefing charts and attend forums such as Director’s Quarterly Program Review (QPR), Program or Project QPR, Program or Project Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR), Working Integrated Product Teams (WIPT), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), or equivalent, and other briefings as required. Our team assist in constructing and managing the Integrated Master Schedule and Work Breakdown Structures.

Business Solutions That Enable Organizations To Improve
TRANSERVICES' solutions & products enable our clients to improve business performance by modernizing operations and deliver higher levels of performance.  We use the most comprehensive set of business monitoring and analytical tools to monitor almost any technology dependent environment, identify the gaps in business transaction topologies, track any asset and maximize the use of Big data analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence. We perform the below tasks to enable agency's success:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Traceability as a Services (IoT TaaS) Logistics Solution - Our solution is a pioneering leader in cloud-to-edge real-time IoT (Internet of Things) business and operational intelligence solutions. Its unique open IoT middleware has been acclaimed as the industry's best IoT platfrom by Fortune 100 customers and leading industry analysts. 
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) Integrated Business Solution - Our PaaS solution is a cloud or on-premise based business process automation solution. It is designed to assist organizations connect with their communities and streamline critical processes. The solution is deployed in multiple vertical markets including public, private and corporate philanthropy, scientific and disease research management, finance, government and insurance case management.  
  • End Point Cyber Security Detection and Response Solution - Our solution defend, respond and protect end points from Cyber Security threats.   PROTECT - Our market-leading detection and response capabilities reveal threat activity in real time, so you can respond immediately to any type of attack by: (1) Continuous and centralized recording provides complete visibility into the attack; (2) Quickly visualize the attack chain to see exactly what attackers are trying to do; and (3) Automated threat hunting, powered by the cloud, keeps you one step ahead of every attack.  RESPONSE - Enterprises can have hundreds of thousands of endpoints, but an attacker only needs to breach one. You need a solution that scales with your entire organization to hunt and stop the advanced attacker by: (1) Unlimited data retention for investigating long-term attacks with extreme dwell time; (2) Sophisticated data analytics and visualization tools built for big data at scale; and (3) Lowest TCO with no impact on the end user and minimal resource usage.  PROTECT - enable protection by being the only solution to stop 100% of attacks in NSS Labs' Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) test by: (1) locking down systems to stop malware, ransomware, zero-day, and non-malware attacks; (2) using built-in file-integrity monitoring, device control, and memory protection to block unauthorized change; and (3) hardening new and legacy systems, with broad support for embedded, virtual, and physical OSes.
  • End Point Application Performance Monitoring Solution - Our solution gives you the ability to see applications the way your customers do, which allows teams full operational insight.  It provides a detail analysis of BOTH application performance and the infrastructure (on-premise or IaaS) impacts on end users.
  • Enterprise Digital Experience Monitoring Solution - It enables awareness into where performance matters most; know each customers journey and interactions with your application; prioritize performance optimization based on real digital-business outcomes; enables better collaboration with IT around a common language based on digital experience.  
  • Literacy, Accessibility & Dyslexia Software Solution - Our award-winning assistive technology solutions help millions of people in the workplace read, write and communicate with greater confidence.  The solution enable reading, writing and language learning for students and educators worldwide.