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Systems Engineering & Integration Services

  • Research and Development Services 
  • Engineering, Systems Engineering and Process Engineering Services 
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Services
  • Systems Design Documentation and Technical Data Services
  • Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability Services
  • Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Services
  • Configuration Management Services
  • Quality Assurance Support Services
  • Interoperability, Test & Evaluation, and Prototyping Services
  • Measurement Facilities, Instrumentation and Monitoring Services

Enterprise Information Technology Services

  • Software Engineering, Development, and Programming Services
  • Infrastructure and Network Services 
  • Information Systems Development Services
  • Information Technology Services

Information Assurance & Cyber Security Services

  • Information Assurance
  • Cyber Security Services

Cloud Computing & Shared Services

  • Cloud Engineering and Consulting Services 
  • Cloud Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Data Science / Bid Data Analytics Services
  • Managed Services 

Business Services

  • Consulting Services
  • Program Management Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Supply and Provisioning Support
  • Training Support
  • Functional and Administrative Support
  • Audio Visual & Multimedia Support