Consulting Services – eTRANSERVICES provides organizational assessment, infrastructure assessment, financial management, process engineering, business as well as technical and non-technical disciplines to support development and implementation of emerging solutions. Our team assess business objectives, conducts gap analysis of existing versus needed capability, and identifies business requirements. Evaluates business requirements to identify potential software, hardware, and system architectures can be employed to meet business objectives. Develops potential technical solutions to meet business needs and supports analysis of alternatives for best fit. Evaluates technical trends and provides recommendations for technology and architecture to meet business objectives. Performs research on emerging technologies to support proof of concept capabilities and identify future solutions for the organization.

Program Management Services – eTRANSERVICES provides the business, acquisition, financial management, and related disciplines required to support planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading team efforts in managing programs such that the result places a capable and supportable system in the hands of the client when and where it is needed, and does so at an affordable price. This includes the integration of a complex system of differing but related functional disciplines that must work together to achieve program goals through development, production, deployment, operations, support, and disposal.

Logistics Services – eTRANSERVICES provides the engineering and analytical disciplines required to implement acquisition logistics as a multi-functional technical management discipline associated with the design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment, and improvement modifications of cost effective systems that achieve the client’s requirements. The principal objectives of our acquisition logistics support are to ensure that support considerations are an integral part of the system’s design requirements, that the system can be cost effectively supported through its life-cycle, and that the infrastructure elements necessary to the initial fielding, operation and maintenance support of the system are identified and developed and acquired.

Supply and Provisioning Services – eTRANSERVICES provides the analytical and technical disciplines required to ensure that fielded systems are materially sustained. Our principal objectives are to ensure that material for operation and maintenance of systems is available when required, that materials are properly stored and transported, and inventories are managed in a cost-effective manner to sustain supported systems.


Technical Training Support – eTRANSERVICES provides the engineering and analytical disciplines required to ensure that the end customer and technical support community is provided with adequate instruction including applied exercises resulting in the attainment and retention of knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding the platforms, systems, and business area capabilities they operate and maintain.

Professional Development and Training Support – eTRANSERVICES provides organizational development and process improvement training activities. This functional area consists of information dissemination, as well as the development and facilitation of training for the workforce related to organizational development and process improvement initiatives. This includes efforts such as implementation of Baldridge practices, LEAN practices, Project Management Institute’s practices, industry best practices, and other workforce training efforts related to organizational development initiatives, process improvement initiatives and Human Capital Strategies.

Curriculum Development Support – eTRANSERVICES supports continuous learning by actively researching curricular trends and developments and making recommendations consistent with the client’s mission and overall academic goals.  Our team designs and coordinates curriculum development and review, ensuring that review and revision of curricula and instructional practice occurs continuously; works with department leaders, instructors, and Instructional Technology Specialists to develop,  guide, and support curricular innovation, including the development of new courses; maintains a current knowledge of curricular trends and research, reporting findings and making recommendations as appropriate; support and promotes interdisciplinary curriculum initiatives, and make recommendations to the leadership regarding professional learning opportunities related to curriculum and instruction.


Clerical and Administrative Support – eTRANSERVICES provides the clerical and administrative support required for seamless operation of offices and support functions. This area also includes support of personal property management functions.

Analytical and Organizational Assessment Support – eTRANSERVICES provides the analytical and organizational assessment support functions, Human Capital Strategy processes and programs, organizational development efforts and organizational process improvement efforts.

Audio Visual and Multimedia Support – eTRANSERVICES provides support for multimedia development as it relates to supporting both external and internal media. Our services include support multimedia to support communication goals; support for unified communications, audio, video, web, and augmented reality conferencing, technical writing, message/brand development, visual media to include still, video and multimedia.