IT Consulting
We help our clients with their toughest business and IT challenges.  Our combination of strategic-level insight and tactical experiences provides unmatched value for our clients.  eTRANSERVICES enables organizational transformation  and change management by leveraging industry "practices that work best" to assist in technology assessments, insertions, management, IT strategy development and operational execution.  eTRANSERVICES will assess existing IT projects for alignment with our client organization's mission and IT investments, plan and design future IT environments, implementation plans and execute migration strategies.  eTRANSERVICES monitors organizational performance to realize efficiencies and cost savings.  eTRANSERVICES executive coaching services enable C-level IT leaders to leverage our experiences as industry thought leaders in numerous competencies.

Enterprise Planning & Architecture / IT Application Portfolio Management
TRANSERVICES Enterprise Architecture (EA) consulting services assists our clients to improve their organizational performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of architecture plans for improvement. eTRANSERVICES advances the state of EA by developing and using the EA as a tool for organization transformation. Specific areas of focus may include helping clients to effectively define, design, develop, acquire, and implement IT investments and govern architectures to ensure program commitments and expectations are met.  We provide Subject Matter Expert support for initiating and updating the Exhibit 300, Exhibit 53 and select Capital Investment Reports.  

Strategic IT and Cloud Services Consulting
TRANSERVICES strategic IT planning services help our clients define their vision, mission, and develop strategic objectives and measures for actionable execution of their strategic IT, shared services and cloud computing plans.  eTRANSERVICES assists clients to better understand the key value their organization can provide its customers and stakeholders by using our professional services or through the acquisition of our products. 

Professional Education and Training 
TRANSERVICES provides Professional Education and Training to support our clients' professional, supervisory, leadership and organizational developmental needs.  We provide program specific training and education consulting services to clients based on their specific needs (e.g. Enterprise Architecture, Program Management, and other types of technical or business training provided by us or our industry our partners).